Kickass and biting dog

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is with the keeper in seeing that amid the prevailing political circus, the issue of Commander, the Biden dog, biting Secret Service members has been overlooked as a logical solution in myriad problem areas.

If ever a biting dog could be useful it is with the House. It is even logical to think that after biting some of the out-to-lunch House members, the dog could become the speaker of the house, that post currently vacant with no requirement that the speaker be a member of the house.

There are also any number of court rooms where a biting dog would be incredibly useful to presiding judges as they try and fail to shut up the rubber-mouthed accused.

One commentator has written that the reason Commander bites Secret

Service members is that they don’t smile at him as most other POTUS staffers do.

Well, come on, Commander, if you relate only to the “smilers” you are in the wrong line of work. Get on with your biting, expand it to the Supreme Court and take a nip out of Mitch McConnell.

The keeper and Phyllis and the rest of the public will bring you a treat and call you “Good Boy!”

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