Kickass and Black Earth Creek

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that among the latest big-money-sponsored insults to life as the keeper’s crowd knows it, is a warning from the DNR that eating the trout out of Black Earth Creek comes with the risk of cancer, a lower birth rate and a compromised immune system.

BEC has long been the keeper’s “home” stream; and learning of the danger posed by the presence of permanent PFAS with their death-dealing character is akin to being told that there is strychnine in his coffee.

If there is an upside, the BEC disaster is just one more thing to divert attention away from the fact that the keeper and Phyllis are represented by one of the dumbest US senators in history, as well as several US Representatives and narcissistic state office holders who are all awaiting brain transplants.

It has long been the keeper’s practice to get away from the savagery and ugliness of daily life by going trout fishing, and he was not wont to practice catch-and-release: god forbid he should have to replace BEC with a golf course at this late stage in life.



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