Kickass and black friends


Kickass, the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper’s assessment that most white people do not have enough black friends for meaningful racial bonding.  And then when someone like “everyone’s friend” Elijah Cummings is taken away things get even worse.  Though he has been gone for decades, the keeper still mourns the loss of his old Army friend Bob Shephard, who became a close friend to the keeper and his family, bringing with him from his South Chicago haunts the undeniable verity that skin color is a nonentity.  The keeper regrets that he did not do more to replace Bob as a black friend.  There was an opportunity when Milton McPike lived just over the hill, but Milt died suddenly and the keeper’s world remained a racially  flavorless white.  Kickass says it is that way for too many humans, who need to tune in to the canine way in which a dog is considered a dog no matter the color, size, shape or breeding.

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