Kickass and blaze orange deer hunt

Kickass, the doorstop dog, ever anxious to follow the keeper’s lead in being ahead of the game, considers the approach of Wisconsin’s deer hunt and its close tie to blaze-orange.  That was not always the case: in the dark ages of the keeper’s youth, the deer hunting safety color was red.  Back then school buses were red, white and blue, and the keeper was missing those buses and skipping school to hunt deer.

The switch to yellow school buses came later, and factoring into that decision was the report of a deer hunter somewhere up in Sawyer County shooting at a red, white and blue school bus after apparently seeing the white part of it as a deer’s tail; so color–particularly blaze-orange, looms large as the big hunt approaches.

The keeper, in a stretch for relevance, points out that the POTUS apparently abandoned his usual blaze-orange hair color after losing the recent election; and this is interpreted as a sure sign that he does not plan to participate in Wisconsin’s deer hunt.

The keeper hopes that the gray haired POTUS does indeed forsake the State deer hunt in favor of golf since there is some risk that he—the POTUS might be misidentified as a truck load of molding aged brick, particularly since he acts the part.

(The keeper will not be deer hunting this year, in part due to his suspicion that he resembles either an old bear or a Model A Ford which was made the year—1931, that he was born.  But if he were to hunt, he would head for Sawyer County since it is one of his favorite places.)

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