Kickass and bodies in space

Kickass, the doorstop dog, sometimes throws up his paws in despair at the keeper’s take on various issues, and his–the keeper’s reaction to the POTUS’s tweet that 75-year old Martin Gugino deliberately fell backwards and lay unconscious and bleeding on the concrete as part of a plot to make the POTUS look bad, that may be one of those times.

The keeper recalls the old Jonathan Winters movie “The Loved One,” in which surplus military rockets were used by a Hollywood mortuary to propel bodies into space; and he—the keeper, wonders if the military-industrial complex, in concert with the POTUS, has considered something similar as a means of diverting attention away from the 110,000 plus coronavirus deaths, which, in the POTUS’s  view, has as its  primary effect, making him look bad, and never mind the lives cut short and the grieving of millions.

Perhaps a display of the Army rocketing-bodies-into-space could be a part of the big military 4th of July parade the POTUS wants.

As Kickass said, he throws up his paws!


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