Kickass and book peddling


Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes with only modest concern, the evolution of the keeper’s recreational activity, or, more accurately “inactivity.”  There was a time when he spent the better part of the summer immersed up to his waist in the middle of small, cold-water trout streams trying to outwit the pea-brained trout that resided there.  He even once wrote a book about it: “Trout Friends and Other Riff-raff.” This summer he has yet to pull on his waders and pick up his fly rod.  The main reason is that instead of being waist-deep in cold water he would be neck-deep as the streams have all been more or less at flood stage since early spring.  So instead of solitary trout fishing, the keeper is traveling around the state with Phyllis promoting his novel “Margaret’s War.”  He says it is more fun, takes less equipment and he is in a lot better company. Also, he has become a hopeless if not annoying book peddler.  (

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