Kickass and Brandy Old Fashioned

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper may have to revise his assessment of the current Repub minority-representation Wisconsin legislature as a narcissistic do-nothing-except-for-the-rich bunch of self-serving revisionist gerrymandered obstructionists.

With a record of contrary disregard for populace needs and desires and basic decency, the current Repub bunch seemed to totally deserve the keeper’s negative characterization.

Hold on!

Now come two Repub legislators to introduce a measure to make the brandy old-fashioned the official Wisconsin state cocktail!

Not the official drink, mind you, as that is of course milk, which ignores the obvious that it should by all reasoning be beer.

But the point is that two Repubs are actually doing something on behalf of the citizenry by honoring the brandy old fashioned.

The keeper will be waiting for them to declare Korbel as the official brandy while Phyllis enjoys a brandy old fashioned.

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