Kickass and broken ribs

Kickass, the doorstop dog, hears the keeper as he—the keeper says that two people who break ribs together are closer than those who simply break bread together.  So on their way to get a report from the UW Carbon Cancer on Phyllis’s treatment progress Tuesday morning, the keeper and Phyllis were headed east on Highway 14 in the middle of Cross Plains, when a westbound driver suddenly swerved directly into the east-bound lane.

There was no chance for the keeper to react before the head-on collision, complete with exploding air bags, as Phyllis and the keeper were flung forward against the dash and a hundred or so pieces of their new—to them, vehicle went flying.

Phyllis and the keeper were able to extract themselves from their smoldering vehicle with the help of passersby, and the scene was rapidly transformed by police, firemen, ambulances, tow trucks and others.  Phyllis and the keeper rode an ambulance into UW Hospital emergency and spent the rest of day being treated and evaluated by an endless stream of medical specialists.  The keeper, with only three broken ribs, was released at the end of the day, but Phyllis, with “multiple” broken ribs and other injuries, was hospitalized for what might be several days.

So the two of them look at each other—they can’t embrace because that would hurt their rib cages too much, but they can talk and they ask if maybe togetherness might be a bit excessive when it includes broken ribs?

Kickass says, “No way!  Togetherness has to take in the whole ball of wax!”



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