Kickass and brother transportation

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper watched great grandsons Taylor and Trevor use a freight cart as a make-shift vehicle for crashing each other into a garage door, and he—the keeper was immediately taken back to the time when he worked for days to attach a small gas engine to his younger brother Orville’s coaster wagon, and was pleasantly surprised when a test run took Orv shooting past the barn and streaking down the driveway where he crashed in the sand next to the garden where Mom and Dad were hoeing weeds.

Orv reacted to fear, shock and minor injuries as might be expected—by crying and eliciting parental sympathy that morphed into chastisement for an older brother who caused the coaster wagon calamity.

Fast forward more than 70 years, and the keeper—with wife Phyllis, and Orv—with Shirley, live in respective independent living facilities in Madison; and the keeper recently offered a transportation assist to Orv who is tentative about driving in Madison traffic.  Orv said he would “take a pass.”

Go figure!

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