Kickass and Canada guest

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper joins Phyllis in a cooperative effort to shore up relationships between the US and Canada by hosting Phyllis’s sister and brother-in-law Joan and Bill Rewuski who live in Warman, Saskatchewan where Phyllis was born and raised.

With the global inclination for war to break out without warning at any second, the keeper and Phyllis will do their best to use such diplomatic things as Wisconsin cheese and beer to cement what was already a friendly relationship between two sisters.

In no way is the convoluted issue of immigration in the picture as Joan and Bill are perfectly happy with their Canadian citizenship and residency, if not with their political leaders whom they describe as “on the way out.”

Pressed to define the current state of politics in the US, the keeper used such words as “rudderless, spineless and unbelievable,” all of which Joan and Bill were familiar with thanks to the cross-border media.

In a gesture of typical Canadian neighborliness, Bill and Joan offered the use of their phrase “on the way out” to describe unsatisfactory politicians in the US.

With that kind of generous help there is apparently little chance of a war between Canada and the US.

The keeper and Phyllis are grateful to Joan and Bill for the use of a most comforting assessment of the wrecking crew currently on the US political scene: “ON THE WAY OUT!”

Break out more Spotted Cow and slice up the cheddar!

Here’s to Joan and Bill and Canada!

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