Kickass and capital celebrations

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that something incredibly worthwhile took place Saturday on Capitol Square in Madison as the do-nothing Repub legislators were replaced by beautiful young women and their smiling escorts in celebration of delayed proms and other joyous occasions.

Instead of obstruction narcissists dominating the Capitol environs, it was the purview of proud, camera-bearing fathers and mothers recording for all time their pride and joy in her lovely long dress.

In the warm Saturday sunshine, it bordered on the miraculous–this famous square of political real estate shedding its contentious political manure- pile attributes and transforming into an Oz-like land of breathless beauty and boundless hopes and wishes for a glorious future.

In a brief tour of the Capitol scene, the keeper and Phyllis came away with their personal batteries charged, and a revitalized respect for basic cultural decency and the joy of celebrating it.  In this, there are no age boundaries, only the limitations of memory in recalling their own times of youthful joy.  Saturday, May 22, 2021 was a Capitol Day, and the keeper and Phyllis consider it a supreme pleasure to have been around to help celebrate it.

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