Kickass and capitol hot air

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in watching the clouds of condensing hot air expelled by Madison Gas and Electric as it wafts over the distant State Capitol in the early morning; and he—the keeper, sees the symbolic absurdity of a money-dominated, minority-responsive government composed of gerrymandered narcissists in allegiance to a lying, ignorant oaf.

If there are the basic ingredients of decency and compassion in the roiling clouds of hot air, these elements evaporate before they reach the legislative halls and the so-called elected leaders therein.

It is all about money, of course, clouds of it, like the millions from the Uihleins of Lake Forest, Ill., Diane Hendricks of Beloit, and other super rich who buy Wisconsin elections for the likes of Ron Johnson, Vos, Fitzgerald and Kleefisch; and who must find the nationwide restrict-the-vote-efforts worthwhile but also little more than amusement for the hapless peasants whose votes they buy.

Some mornings the hot air cloud temporarily obscures the Capitol, and then the keeper is freed up to look for the resident crows to see what they are up to, usually something more interesting than the Capitol nonsense.

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