Kickass and car cheapness


Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that his experience and that of the keeper date back to the days when many country dogs chased cars, some of them with a tire-biting ferocity that could go on for a mile or so, depending on the speed of the car, the condition of the road and the maladjusted mindset of the dog.  In his long car history, the keeper is trying not to be smug about the fact that he is finally no longer chasing after cars as offered to him by the overgrown and self-serving auto industry.  His current transportation is an 18-year-old, largely-rust free, Chevy Blazer—made road worthy by Chris and George down at C and G auto repair, and against which the keeper does not owe anything to a car dealer or lease company or finance outfit.  The keeper says it is like removing a stone from your shoe after having walked on it for ten thousand miles.  Kickass hopes the keeper’s transportation cheapness doesn’t end up with him—the keeper, walking.

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