Kickass and Ceasar’s demise

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, in doing his morning check to see if the State Capitol is still in place as a pimple on the far horizon, notes that on this ides of March day of 2023 it is indeed in place and briefly outlined in red clouds, which launches the keeper off on a bloody historical romp that includes Julius Ceasar stabbed to death on this day by members of the Roman senate, including Brutus.

The keeper’s very sketchy historical knowledge was checked to confirm that Ceasar’s brutal demise more or less marked the beginning of the end for the Roman empire.

No such violence is wished on the Wisconsin Capital, but in the tried-and-true nature of history repeating itself, something needs to happen to destroy the dictatorial jerrymandered narcissistic legislature that denies Wisconsin citizens majority representation.

The majority of Wisconsin residents favor a woman’s right to regulate her own reproductive life, including abortion.  It has been made illegal by a Republican dominated legislature and court system; and it is only one of many actions contrary to Wisconsin’s claim to once being a forward-thinking place of good government and basic decency.

“Et tu, Brutus!”

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