Kickass and chasing cars

Kickass, the doorstop dog, identifies with the keeper as he “chases cars” in the process of replacing the vehicle destroyed in a recent collision.  And Kickass is struck with the similar absurdity of the two activities—dogs chasing cars and the keeper’s car shopping.  It is an indisputable verity that a dog chasing a car has not thought it through–not asked itself why it is chasing the car and just what the hell it would do with a car if it caught one?

In a like state of thoughtlessness, the keeper vacillates between leasing and purchasing, new vs. “pre owned”, foreign vs. domestic, SUV vs car, and on and on.

Given that the trend seems to be toward huge pickups and SUVs large enough to carry the pallbearers and  the diseased, and with the recent head-on collision in mind, the keeper wonders about being on the road with anything less weighty than a Sherman tank.

Whatever the keeper catches in his car chase, he will have regrets.  It always happens that way and there doesn’t seem to be anything he can do about it.  He should perhaps forget the whole thing and call a cab.


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