Kickass and cheap seats

Kickass, the doorstop dog, often curious as to the keeper’s decision making, was impressed with his agreeing with Phyllis’s last-minute suggestion to go see the musical “Chicago” in the big Overture barn.

The only remaining available tickets meant an Everest like climb into the rarefied air of the seats offering a Lilliputian version of the performers; but the acoustics were good, so the music came through in fine shape.

The keeper has forever entertained perverted envy at how stage performers perfect their act and then repeat it show after show. If such a circumstance were available in the newspaper column writing business the keeper would have had a much easier time of it, running the same column time after time, maybe one about using stimulants in surviving Midwest weather.

The “Chicago” story line involves guns and murder, and is set in 1922, proving that the more things change the more they stay the same.

In his Chicago Tribune column writing days, the keeper might have written a column about guns as “survival” devices, and then repeated it endlessly in the manner of stage performances.

Some things defy change: Chicago gun insanity is one; but the timely purchase of better show tickets is not. Phyllis agrees, and next time she and the keeper will have seats that do not require oxygen masks.

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