Kickass and chicken truouble

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is unable to offer meaningful help to the keeper as he struggles to sort through a long lifetime of memories, a case in point being just whose chickens was it that, as a toddler, he frightened into a destructive panic by entering their midst and waving his arms.

The memory drops the ball at that juncture, but its fragments surfaced recently with the news out of China that a man named Gu was sent to prison for frightening to death 1100 of his neighbor Zhong’s chickens after Zhong cut down some of Gu’s trees without asking permission.

In the keeper’s case it could have been Mrs. Brady’s chickens that he tormented since the Brady back yard was within the keeper’s toddler travel zone and the Brady’s kept chickens.

The details are forever lost, but struggling vainly to revive them keeps the keeper from other frustrating mental quandaries, like what to do about the Republicans.

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