Kickass and Chinese balloon

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is often unable to do anything about the keeper’s excesses. This is one of those mornings:

         Oh, big Chinese balloon up in the sky

Please come to earth before I die.

         I want to see what you’re about,

Your good intentions are in doubt.

         Do you come look at military fare,

Or just to see us in our underwear?

         If you want to see how dumb we are.

Float over Florida, and there you are!

         Or maybe your interest is government

Get to DC and you’ll see how we sent

         The dumbest reps we could possibly find

To put us in a hopeless bind.

         Floating up there at 60,000 feet

You’re too high if you want to meet

Santos, and Kevin and maybe Marge

Come down to earth, see who’s in charge.

         Oh, big Chinese balloon up in the sky

Here’s how we look when we cry!

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