Kickass and cloudy days

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes along the keeper’s take on the cloud- shrouded January that prevails: It is global politics with Putin and the Russians denying everyone any sunshine, and Xi and the Chinese using the cloud cover to lay personal claim to the moonlight.

There has been actual speculation that China intends to claim ownership of the moon, and that Putin might invade Sweden.

The clouds have so far denied the keeper any sighting of the “Wolf” moon which is now at full stage, and which the keeper had planned to howl at.

Howling at clouds will have to suffice, and is a popular activity in Wisconsin in January, being so compatible with ice fishing and sliding off icy roads into snow-filled ditches.

Break out the last of the fruitcake, Phyllis, and open a bottle of Christmas wine: Cloudy January days simply must be put in their place!

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