Kickass and coronavirus evolution

Kickass, the doorstop dog, is on board with the keeper’s thought that the most profound effect of the coronavirus is how it halted the stampeding evolution of the human race and left its members milling about on the edge of the cliff.  Denied the ability to participate in the rituals marking everything from birth to death–the celebratory things that distinguish the species–, humans have been frightened back into the symbolic caves and hovels of their origin.  From this social isolation they make fumbling attempts to pay their respects to the life events that, over time, they have deemed significant: birthdays, graduations, marriages, death and birthing.  Despite these efforts, the graduate feels emptiness instead of recognition and satisfaction, the bride is more or less left at the altar, funerals are nonexistent, and young pregnant women like granddaughter Sunny find themselves in solitary, even lonely contemplation of a circumstance that would previously garner the height of celebratory ritualism since it marks the continuation of the species.

All of this too shall pass, but the stampede of the species will never be the same; and this verity is viewed by the keeper and Kickass as having positive possibilities.

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