Kickass and coronavirus rant material

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the skyrocketing incidence of the coronavirus in his hometown and state– Madison, Wisconsin, and the news that the POTUS and First Lady now have the virus, these circumstances have combined to put the keeper’s inclination to produce smart-ass rants in a different light.  Other than to wish the new victims well, there is not a lot of rant material that would not be “I-told-you-so” offensive.

For the keeper and Phyllis and everyone in Wisconsin, the situation becomes increasingly threatening as coronavirus cases and deaths set new daily records.  The GOP resistance to preventive measures being attempted by Gov. Evers assumes a new level of absurdity, and the incredulity of state residents is replaced by anger at the ignorance that prevails is some political quarters.

With the coronavirus raging in many Wisconsin communities, the only thing that makes sense is to stay-home, wear a mask for essential outings, socially distance and listen to the advice of Dr. Fauci.

The keeper and Phyllis will try to do all of these things, and, while the keeper will do his best to refrain from smart-ass rants, there are no guarantees.

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