Kickass and corporate farming

Kickass, the doorstop dog, sometimes puzzles over the keeper’s efforts to relate a personal aspect of his long life to present day developments, such as his—the keeper’s memory of his bony young butt on the hard metal seat of a horse-drawn “sulky” corn cultivator, and relating this to the corporate chemical weed control that now has the Wisconsin landscape covered with a boring mono-crop culture that has no more conscience than a cash register.

The ultimate Wizard of Oz tragedy of giving corporations political power without responsibility is apparent in the empty barns and houses across Wisconsin where the farmers and their families once respected and cared for the land with love, something foreign to the poison-peddling corporate profiteers like Monsanto and others.

The sad story of the Wisconsin family farm—complete with suicides and deep despair, is currently documented in a New Yorker article that is enough to tear-up a farm “boy” who remembers corn cultivators; and recalls how his father was among the first with soil-saving measures on the rocky slopes of the home farm in Barron County.

As money-money-money increasingly becomes the dominant and sole consideration of how the planet is bounced around to become a food factory, the keeper suggests that his memory of a youthful pain in the ass from a cultivator seat, will eventually be shared, big time, by his grandchildren and their grandchildren.


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