Kickass and country/city kids

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes along the keeper’s reading suggestion–Kathy Cramer’s 2016 book “The Politics of Resentment,” as a means of understanding why the Wisconsin country kids hate the city kids to the extent that they deny truth and vote against their own interests.

How else to explain the recent election of anti-Social Security, pro-control-of- women’s-rights millionaire Johnson to the US Senate!

That is akin to enlisting a cat to tend the aviary.

The keeper recognizes that this may be heavy going for a Sunday in the spring of 2023, but there is an election coming up–Apr. 4, in which out-of-state billionaires are attempting to convince the Wisconsin country kids that the city kids are still at it–ignoring and short-changing them; when actually the election is an initial opportunity to do away with the existing MINORITY representation in Wisconsin’s legislature and supreme court.

The cat is eyeballing yet another canary breakfast, and the sense of powerlessness to do anything about it is overwhelming. But as former country kids and now city kids, the keeper and Phyllis can at least  vote–for Judge Janet Protasiewicz who recognizes a woman’s right to personal birth control decisions and the importance of looking out for both the city and the country kids.

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