Kickass and covid cousin Ed

Kickass, the doorstop dog, cheers on the keeper’s report that his—the keeper’s, 92-year-old cousin Edgar Anderson has beat a 105 degree Covis induced temperature and is now back home with his 92-year-old wife Dorothy.  Ed’s son Daniel says Ed is happy to be home and is anxious to relate the details of his latest adventure.

A no-holds-barred bent for adventure made Ed one of the keeper’s favorite cousins back when they were neighboring country boys.  Mechanical conveyances were frequently involved, like the Army surplus Jeep that Ed was convinced could go anywhere, except across a bottomless spring hole during a demo ride for the keeper.  Spring water is icy cold, the keeper remembers.

Removing the body from a 1929 sedan turned it into Ed’s version of a race car, and he skidded it off the road into a water-filled ditch in spectacular fashion with the keeper clinging desperately to the dashboard.

There was the metal watering tank joined with the heavy hay rope to make a giant swing out in the windbreak and which crashed into one of the white pines giving the keeper a headache that lasted for days.

So in that milieu of life that makes cousins very special, the keeper treasures his memories of the days with Ed and his brothers, like Rob who rode an uncontrolled baby buggy down a steep pasture hill before doing an airborne loop and skidding to a stop in fresh cow pies.

There has to be some good Covid stories among the thousands of tragic ones, and Ed’s is one of them.  Even at this late date, the keeper says, whatever cousin Ed might offer to give him a ride in or on, he is climbing aboard.  That’s just the way it is with cousins.





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