Kickass and covid royalty

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that the keeper will be getting his second Covid shot today—through the VA, and is apprehensive that he—the keeper may assume immunity to things the vaccine does not cover, such as arrogance and smugness and even invincibility.  It may be more than Phyllis can handle to restrain the keeper from acting out his reaction to the vaccine by skipping about their living quarters while singing, “On The Road Again,” or maybe “King of The Road.”

Once Phyllis gets her second shot, it is the keeper’s plan for the two of them to assume the identities of Wisconsin royalty—somewhat in the manner of the former POTUS, who refuses to be referred to as “former” but insists on “45th” instead, still uses the presidential seal and apparently think he is still the POTUS.  If that is acceptable behavior, the keeper sees no problem with him and Phyllis pretending to be the King and Queen of Covid vaccination and traveling about the state knighting health care workers and waving at the multitudes from high balconies.

While the King Keeper and Queen Phyllis are fans of executive orders as they are currently being issued, these will pale in comparison to the royal edicts King Keeper has in mind, the first of which commands GOP commoners to cease assuming the awkward posture of sticking their heads up a lower-located bodily orifice while conducting the people’s business.



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