Kickass and cowering

Kickass, the doorstop dog, says the keeper has been chided for his use of “cowering” in describing the public reaction to the coronavirus since it demeans what is the right thing to do, that being to self isolate.

Point well taken, Sara, the keeper says from under the bed where—due in part to his old age and vulnerable health circumstances, he is not cowering but simply relaxing with the dust bunnies.

In the confusion and jumble of misinformation and guesswork by health professionals, the keeper and Phyllis are, of course, staying home because it makes infinite sense, and, except for medical appointments, there is no “must-go” in their immediate future.

While the unbelievable coronavirus life style hits the keeper and Phyllis at a particularly critical time in their lives, they will prevail; and occasionally the keeper may crawl out from under the bed to see what kind of soup Phyllis is making, or to shake his fist at the world and make a profane demand that it “SHAPE UP”–he and Phyllis, and everyone else, have things to do and places to go!




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