Kickass and crazy uncles

Kickass, the doorstop dog, napped as the keeper and Phyllis switched between TV channels Thursday night in trying to catch some of both Biden and Trump; and while they—the keeper and Phyllis, like Savannah Guthrie, the moderator for the Trump tap dance, they fault her for identifying Trump as “not someone’s crazy uncle,” since he is in fact Mary Trump’s “crazy uncle” as Mary points out in her book, “Too Much And Never Enough.”

Further proof of Trump’s “crazy uncle” identity was proven in his having earlier doubled down on the tweet regarding the “Q” crazies who believe the tooth fairy is a child molester and lives in Biden’s basement.

The incident moved the keeper to remember as own uncles—wonderful men who played large supportive roles in his life, sometimes “crazy” in an entertaining way, but never malicious and stupid as in Mary’s “crazy uncle” manner.

As an uncle himself, the keeper is offended by how Trump has trashed the “uncle” identity, and suggests a national rehabbing on Nov 3 that emphasizes “Uncle Sam.”







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