Kickass and credit card debt

Kickass, the doorstop dog, does not have a credit card, and like the keeper was astounded to learn that the average balance for credit card holders is $6,200, which adds up to an all-time high of 1.1 trillion  in total CC debt.  While the keeper’s financial acumen is pretty much defined by his passing up an opportunity to invest with Mel Fisher before the billion dollar Atocha discovery, he—the keeper does have a credit card which he uses for convenience as cold hard cash becomes increasingly unwieldy, even unwelcome in today’s commerce.

Fortunately for the keeper, those who have shared his life have recognized early on that in matters of finance, he is out to lunch, probably at a place he cannot afford.

Currently, Phyllis brings a perspective to the situation that allows the keeper to think maybe there is another solution to his finances that does not necessitate his early demise.  He continues to be haunted, however, at the memory of being in Florida prior to July 20, 1985 when the Atocha was discovered, and visiting the Fisher facility where $1,000 shares in the treasure hunt were offered.  He didn’t have that kind of cash, but maybe Mel would have taken his credit card.


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