Kickass and credit world

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper and Phyllis in celebrating the fact that the country has decided to pay its credit card bill.

What a wonderful thing!

All children and grandchildren take note: credit cards are abominations. Pay them off and rip them up!

Do it now!

Seriously, you have been conditioned to support a credit-based world that will suck your financial blood all of your life, and we seniors are to blame for that, having experienced it ourselves before passing it on to you.

From the highest governmental echelons to the local Walmart, it is all consume-now-pay-later, and thus support the moneylenders who dominate the scene but make little meaningful contribution.

On Mineral Point Road, near the keeper’s digs, seemingly every other business is in the money lending business: banks, credit unions and the “World” headquarters of credit unions, where there is currently a dispute about portioning out the spoils of collected interest from the masses.

The keeper has carried a money clip most of his adult life, but it is increasingly unused as the money-lenders structure a world of automated “pay us” first, last and always.

Resist this outrage, all you big spenders!

Paying interest is dumber than pounding bumps on your head!

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