Kickass and crow rejection

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes on the keeper’s mental jousting as he strives to find something positive in most things, even including the abject rejection by the neighborhood crows who have not done so much as a fly-over of the balcony where for most of the past year there has been a variety of bird enticement, including ears of corn, suet and sunflower seeds.

Aware of the uncommon intelligence of crows, the keeper tries to put himself in their place and is forced to ask that if he were one of them would he want to consort with himself, even given some tasty encouragement?

The keeper would take this complex ego-centric question to Phyllis but there is a definite limit to the extent to which he is willing to risk rejection.

Truth to tell, if the keeper were a crow, he would visit Phyllis’s balcony, especially now as it offers holiday fruitcake enticement.

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