Kickass and DAs

Kickass, the doorstop dog, passes on the keeper’s rant about the oblique influence that his home county’s DAs can and could have on its citizens.  Way back in the dark ages, a Barron county DA prosecuted the keeper for DWI, which meant that as a 19-year-old without wheels in his home town, the keeper’s only recourse was to enlist in the Army, which gave him a view of the world beyond a provincial, agricultural rim and brought the GI bill that led to a wonderful and rewarding life that included Barron County only on visits back home to family.  Thank You Mr. DA.

Now comes another Barron County DA who says he will not be part of the Gov. Evers wear-a-mask edict that kicks in today just as Coronavirus cases are skyrocketing in Barron county—100 per week, contributing to last week’s statewide score of 51,000 plus cases and 911 deaths.

This comes as the keeper’s elderly brother and sister-in-law—Orv and Shirley, prepare for the major life-altering move of leaving their beloved Barron County home for digs closer to their care-giving daughters in Madison.

The question in the keeper’s mind now is: can coronavirus-vulnerable Orv and Shirley make it out of Barron county before they suffer any adverse effect from the DA’s political-driven recalcitrance and stupidity?

So while one Barron County DA did an inadvertent favor for the keeper, it is perverse beyond belief that another one, many years later, is posing a threat to his brother and sister-in-law!

DAs, like presidents, are in their posts to do the peoples’ work, the keeper says, but sometimes they run amuck.



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