Kickass and dash veto

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in celebrating the “dash” that Gov. Evers vetoed in the state budget to save public school funding   for the next 400 years.

 By changing “2024-25” to “2425” the former educator did something decent for Wisconsin kids on into an uncertain future and demonstrated that even with the Repub’s gerrymandered hold on the minority-representative Wisconsin legislature there are occasional opportunities to act in the public interest.

Budget veto power by a governor has been used before to change dates–Walker’s “1,000 year veto” of Dems’ fairness attempts is an example.

Keeping in mind that the Wisconsin citizenry is opposed to the recent state legislature’s action restricting women’s control of their own bodies and which puts Wisconsin in the category of backward Bible-thumping swamp states, the keeper and Phyllis raise a toast:

“Here’s to the dash, Governor!  Long may it live, and let’s somehow use it to reclaim Wisconsin’s once proud state government!”

 Dash! Dash! Dash!

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