Kickass and departure day

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports on the first day—May 22, 2022, of the keeper and Phyllis’s train/ship, mountain/glacier adventure, noting that travel excitement tends to peak on departure day. And this one is special: though the keeper and Phyllis have both done extensive individual traveling, this is among their first “tripping” together.

The keeper recalls other departure days: a Korea-bound troop ship through Puget Sound, loading five kids and a wife åinto a station wagon and pulling them and a small travel trailer to the World’s Fair in Seattle, starting at the delta and writing of “Spring up the Mississippi,” circumventing Lake Michigan in the winter, walking across Wisconsin—there are so many memorable departure days for him; and as many for Phyllis, who remembers the day she departed for a month in England, or when she packed camping gear for a stay on Isle Royal, or headed off to the mountains with two young granddaughters.

This departure day includes son Mike driving the keeper and Phyllis to Columbus, Wi. where they will board the train for a ride to West Coast ports where ships depart for Glacier Bay.

Hopelessly ensnared in the ego-centric column-writing premise that his thoughts and actions warrant sharing, the keeper, with Phyllis’s very necessary help, will attempt a daily Kickass report on Facebook.

Welcome aboard!

(If Kickass does not appear in email it is available on Facebook. Thanks.)

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