Kickass and dinning at Otto’s

Kickass, the doorstop dog, tries to make the point with the keeper that all things are relative, and if he persists with his “back in my day” ranting, even more of the populace will dismiss him as hopelessly lost in the fog of the past.

But as he recently dined out with Phyllis at a good restaurant (Otto’s) the keeper paid enough for a “petite mignon” and Phyllis’s entrée to have bought an entire cow, if not a small farm, “back in his day.”

Otto’s is a fine restaurant; the keeper has been dinning there off and on for years. The food is always good and while the prices reflect the attractive white-tablecloth environment, there are more expensive places in town to eat.

The recent visit to Otto’s was a pleasant experience for Phyllis and the keeper, who says they plan to return as soon as the keeper finds the starter crank for the car and Phyllis puts on her button shoes.

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