Kickass and dog age

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports on the new formula for comparing dog and human ages that does away with the old seven year thing and replaces it with multiplying the “logarithm” (Kickass doesn’t understand it either.) of a dog’s age by 16 and then adding 31, which would make a two- year-old dog 42 years old in human terms.  Based on calculations involving 104 Lab retrievers, it all has to do with breaking down the average life span of 10-years-for-dogs and 70-years-for-humans, and making the point that for comparison, it must be shown that dogs age very rapidly in their early years.  The keeper has seized on the new calculation to come up with a formula that ignores the fact that he is not only older than dirt, but, may be getting younger, compared to dogs, of course.  It goes like this: add up the numbers in the keeper’s DOB which is 51, divide by the number of dogs he has lived with—15 or so, and the result is that he is now about three years old.  That makes him a virtual pup instead of an old dog, and he encourages others to use his kind of aging math.

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