Kickass and dog filibuster control

Kickass, the doorstop dog, has inside info that the “extra” training that Major and Champ received before recently returning to the White House with the Bidens, was learning to recognize US senators in their new “scorched earth” no-filibuster garb as required after McConnell said the GOP would continue to sit on its ass and oppose everything that might have the slightest benefit to the populace.

The new senate attire is cheered by Wisconsin residents who see it as a means of pretending that Sen. Johnson is actually the Roto-Rooter man on his way to unclog things at the residences of Vos and the GOP obstructionist gang members in Madison.

Through lines of special dog communications, Kickass heard that Major told Champ, “McConnell and some of the others have not had their rabies shots, so be careful who you bite.”

Kickass is helping the keeper investigate the possibility of introducing “no bark” shock collars as a senate filibuster control measure.  Cruz is to be fitted first.



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