Kickass and dog guests


Kickass, the doorstop dog, on the basis of witnessing a pre-holiday gathering of Phyllis’s family along with a couple of their dogs, would make the point that, while the human guests obviously appreciated the hospitality, it was the dog guests that really got into it.  They flopped down for long naps in front of the fireplace, sniffed out the location of the home-dog’s (Boo’s) food dish, and restrained their obvious jealousy at Boo’s piano-playing skill.  At Phyllis’s request, her family produced a Mexican dinner in lieu of the traditional turkey feast, and it was so good, the keeper over-consumed, and was subsequently very jealous of the dogs’ napping in front of the fire.  It was a great bash and there was left over margarita mix which the keeper will use to toast some classy guests–human and canine.

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