Kickass and dog White House eviction

Kickass, the doorstop dog, agrees with the keeper that the most immediate current problem in the White House seems to be finding someone brave enough to tell Trump that he lost the election and it is time to move out.  It is Kickass’s thinking that dog methods might work. Somebody, maybe Mitch, who has faithfully marked territory behind the POTUS for years, could throw a tennis ball over the White House fence while shouting, “Do not fetch!”

Or perhaps Lindsey Graham, who has perfected sycophant hypocrisy, could introduce a house measure stating that “Sit and stay” is yet one more presidential prerogative.

It might also be possible to involve the Supreme Court, which, having outrageously decided that corporations are people, now could decide that some people are corporations, not accountable for much of anything except making money for the rich, and the POTUS, as a narcissistic corporation, needs to get out and get on with it: the “Dog In the Manger” decision.

Kickass sees an Oval Office scene in which all the White House staff members show up with leashes and plastic bags—big ones, and hint to the POTUS that it is time to go for a “necessary” rally-walk.

In the end, it remains for the American public to inform the POTUS that it is over; and this could best be accomplished by reacting reflexively, such as one might when discovering a dog digging destructively in the back yard flower bed.  A collective shout of “GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!” should do it.

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