Kickass and dogs as voters

Kickass, the doorstop dog, will be working with the keeper on this primary election day to allow dogs to vote, the thinking being that any species smart enough to cut the deals that dogs have with humans is smart enough to choose those who write the dog-walking rules.

There is also the matter of Wisconsin being the only state allowing the summer training of bear hounds which attracts knuckle-dragging hounders from all over the country who have written the inhumane aspects of Wisconsin hunting regs for years.

Wisconsin dogs need to vote on those serious issues since Wisconsin humans apparently refuse to.

Cats will not be voting since elections are beneath them, and they already have things pretty much they way they want them.

The keeper will be voting for Phyllis, even though she is not on the ballot; she is the keeper’s governor, senator, alderperson and supreme court justice and he wants to keep her in office.

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