Kickass and dogs in heaven

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports the keeper’s acceptance that there are those among us who speak of departed dogs waiting for them in heaven, but he is not sure that explains the following message which was recently delivered to him via the same system that produces heavenly barking:

“We regret having to inform you that your dog “Doc” is being expelled from this exalted entity due to his refusal to adhere to a few simple rules, and his lack of remorse for having killed several of Loraine Sharnberg’s chickens.

“Should you desire to contact him, his forwarding address is: Hades, Dog St. Down Below.

“Due to crowded conditions at that location, a response may not be immediate, but you can rest assured that Doc is comfortable with his new quarters and is enjoying the company of thousands of other dogs who are impatiently awaiting the arrival of their human “fetch” partners.”

Meanwhile, the keeper congratulates his niece Elizabeth on her retirement from her very successful veterinary practice and her completion of the recent “Ironman” competition.

Strong females run in the family environment, and if Doc had been  female he/she might have made the grade to stay in heaven, which would mean the keeper would never see him again.

Sometimes things work out for the best.

bl_1686, 2/10/15, 11:18 PM, 8C, 5856×7163 (2716+3854), 150%, Custom, 1/8 s, R65.6, G40.3, B63.3

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