Kickass and dogs in the House

Kickass, the doorstop dog, will be flying solo with the daily rant today as it is between dogs—namely the Biden dogs Major and Champ, and himself–Kickass, and as it pertains to adjusting to the idiosyncratic human demands that are put on dogs in order to coexist in the house, even the White House.

A couple of things for all dogs to keep in mind: You are descended from wolves and must demand respect for that reason alone: If someone deserves to be bitten, bite ‘em!

In the evolving canine-human partnership, the point has been reached at which it is routine for humans to follow leashed dogs and pick up their poop in little plastic bags as if it were some kind of treasure.  Think about that, fellow dogs, as symbolic of just who the hell is wining here, use of the couch be damned.

There is some vague info about one of you—Major or Champ, biting someone as you adjusted to life in the White House, and Kickass says that is not a big deal considering how the previous human White House tenant was a snarling, biting basket-case who could not be house-broken.  Apparently you—Champ and Major, will be returning to the White House soon, that offensive previous human occupant will not be.

While Kickass does not encourage biting, it would be easy for him to compose a prospective bite list of DC residents, weighted heavily toward greedy, narcissistic Repubs who think it is fine for the rich to have the most of everything, which would include, of course, great inventories of plastic bags full of dog poop.






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