Kickass and DST fall

Kickass, the doorstop dog, expresses some doubt about the keeper’s post yesterday in which he specified adjusting to DST by setting the clocks ahead by one hour. It was a test of readers’ alertness, of course, and it forcefully made the point that in the keeper’s crowd most do not give a rat’s ass what time it is.

Today, this first day of the DST time adjustment will thus find the nonagenarians and octogenarians that the keeper hangs out with two hours ahead of everyone else who used “fall back” in their clock setting.

The keeper resists the word “fall” in application to any aspect of his life but did demonstrate at a recent family campfire birthday celebration that if Johnny Cash would sing it, he—the keeper could demonstrate how not to “fall into a burning ring of fire.”

It was nothing–feet tangled in soft surface and thus a soft landing and in the post birthday cake darkness there was a sparse audience.

It included Phyllis, however, who suggested that the keeper move farther away from the fire.

As June Carter wrote the “fire” song for Johnny, Phyllis gives sound advice to the keeper.

What a world, no matter what the clock says!

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