Kickass and dumb legislators

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper and Phyllis in acknowledging the latest product of Wisconsin’s grand tradition of sending stupid jerks to Washington and Madison to do “minority representation” and make the state look like a refuge for utter fools.

Enter Repub Rep Derrick Van Orden from the gerrymandered 3rd district up in the northwest who recently obviously had a drinking party in his Washington office and then proceeded to use extreme profanity in cursing out teenage pages who were lying on their backs to photograph the Capital dome.

Van Orden’s history shows similar stupidity in that he once shouted at a teenage Lacrosse library worker over a LGPTQ display.

Apparently when Van Orden went through Navy Seal training to develop his muscles they also sucked out part of his brain, thus qualifying him to represent Wisconsin in Washington.

My god, man, even the dumbest Wisconsinite knows that if you are going to get drunk and cuss out teenagers they had better be your own teenagers.

Thanks for the publicity, Derrick, and say Hi to Ron and the rest of the Wisconsin Repub DC deep thinkers who blur the distinction between holding office and acting like an orifice.

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