Kickass and dumb Rodgers

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that as the keeper endures a sore arm from a Covid booster shot, he cannot resist pointing out that in an Oct. 29 Kickass rant, he detailed his divorce from NFL football and all that goes with it, including the likes of arrogant narcissist Aaron Rodgers doing his best to spread the pandemic.

By way of rating stupidity, Aaron’s is outdone only by the hundreds of QAnon airheads who gathered last Friday in Dallas to await the arrival of the deceased JFK Jr. and Trump.

While it is entirely possible to eliminate the offensive NFL-dictated strangle-hold that football has on weekend life, and to replace it with something worthwhile of your own making, such as knitting or napping, it is not possible to deny that in continuing to exist as a tribe, wholesale stupidity must be accepted, if not embraced.

Perhaps Rodgers can use his off-the-field time to visit Dallas to tell the would-be Kool Aide drinkers that we acknowledge them, and that their place around the communal campfire is secure even if it means everyone is likely to get burned.





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