Kickass and dumb senator

Kickass, the doorstop dog, notes that the keeper’s inclination to look at the bright side of things, was at first gratified by Sen. Ron Johnson’s contention that global warming is a good thing because fewer people in Wisconsin would/will freeze to death.

But when it was sarcastically pointed out that by the same reasoning, the increasing wildfires in California would be as comforting and cozy as campfires; and then by the scientists that world-wide excessive global- warming heat would/will mean the death of millions, the keeper was reminded anew that Wisconsin just recently elected a senator so out of it that he sees the fires of hell as an opportunity for Wisconsinites–perhaps ice fishermen and late-season Packer fans, to finally get warm.

In the Wisconsin tradition of gerrymandered minority-representation government, Johnson is the stupid, blathering uncle who came to visit and won’t leave–without his pillow and only after he has made Wisconsin into a national laughingstock.

(The keeper wonders if it is too warm in here or if it is just him?)

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