Kickass and easter symbols

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports the keeper deeply immersed in his personal Easter egg hunt as he looks for two over-easy with bacon, toast and fried potatoes, but finds Phyllis exercising her artistic talent on a couple of hard-boiled specimens.

Easter is what you make of it—tied as it is to eggs, bunnies, lambs and religious symbolism.

 The keeper would include the cavorting of cows turned out on a spring day after a winter of cramped confinement in stalls as an appropriate Easter time symbol. The cows awkward celebratory leaping and galloping is a vivid expression of what it means to be part of the scene at a time of new beginnings.

The keeper identifies with that as the years pile on like March snow, and Phyllis tells him to forget eggs and try some of the granola she just made. Easter granola, of course. It might make him jump around like a cow.

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