Kickass and eating dogs

Kickass, the doorstop dog, had intended to join the keeper in lamenting the eminent end of the World as currently anticipated by numerous religious entities, but then they–Kickass and the keeper, learned of the decision by the Chinese city of Shenzhen to ban eating dogs and cats, along with bats, snakes and civets; and since eating dogs and cats is a more important subject matter than the end of the World, that is what the coronavirus-related message is today.

According to a spokesman, ten million dogs and four million cats are eaten annually in China.  Across Asia, thirty million dogs are eaten each year.  It was from a meat market in Wuhan, China, that the coronavirus apparently made the leap from animals—wild ones, to humans.  In banning the sale of wild animal meat there, officials also banned dog and cat meat, in part, they said, to discourage consumption of it. Ten million dogs—including Kickass, yap their approval, as do four million meowing cats.

Of course, in the event that the World does end, Kickass and the keeper will be commenting on it almost immediately.  In the meantime, Kickass is curious as to why one of the most popular American food items is called “hotdog?”  It is something to think about during the coronavirus “stay home” thing.

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