Kickass and eating sandhill cranes

Kickass, the doorstop dog, joins the keeper in passing along word that the Wisconsin legislature sets a sterling example of how to relax in the face of extreme duress as it responds to Sen. Mary Felzkowski’s recent invitation to gather in her office to enjoy sandhill crane sandwiches.

Felzkowski, a Repub who represents the northeast portion of the State, and is an ardent proponent of a hunting season on cranes, is obviously a deep thinker when it comes to responding to the sentiments of the state citizenry: every Wisconsinite, or almost every, would certainly like to see as many sandhill cranes killed—and eaten, as possible.  It is in keeping with Wisconsin being the only state that allows bear hound “training” during the summer when hounders from all over the country pour into the state to run their dogs while all the wild creatures, including bear, are trying to raise young.  Felzkowski obviously supports this enlightened policy, along with the provision for the State to pay a hounder $2500 if their hound is killed by a wolf trying to defend its pups.

Narcissistic stupidity in the Ted Nugent mode prevails in Felzkowski’s district and in her mind, and sadly, in the Madison Capitol building.

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