Kickass and Ed Gein

Kickass, the doorstop dog, defers to the keeper today as he-the keeper, recounts how he owes his first reporting job—at the Steven Point Daily Journal, to Ed Gein, the Plainfield ghoul who murdered several woman and made items from body parts he dug from graves.  On the strength of his outstanding work covering the Gein story after it broke in November of 1957, Quincy Dadisman at the SP Jour. was offered a job at the Milwaukee Sentinel which created the reporter opening in Point as the keeper was graduating from the UW J school.  Thank you Ed Gein.  The keeper met Gein much later at a sanity hearing in Wautoma, and asked him his opinion of a court artist’s rendition of him.  Gein looked at the sketch and said, “Maybe could be a little more handsome.”

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