Kickass and egg hunt covid

Kickass, the doorstop dog, reports that the keeper, fresh off the family Easter egg hunt at Kim and Dicks where he competed successfully with a half dozen little professional egg hunters, is happy to join Phyllis in noting Wisconsin’s great Covid 19 vaccination record, particularly as compared to Florida where a big donation to the governor was required to even get in line.

Wisconsin’s Gov. Evers, and Andrea Palm, his health care leader, have established maximum vaccination sites instead of a few large ones as is the case with Florida’s Gov. DeSantis naming “Publix” stores as the Texas sites.  Such a move applied to Wisconsin would require that Rhinelander residents travel to a Milwaukee grocery store to get a Covid shot.

Despite maximum obstruction from the narcissistic GOP state legislature—seeking to even ban mask-wearing, Wisconsin residents—under Evers leadership, are faring as well as could be expected: think sheep attacked by the herd dogs.

The politicization of the pandemic is akin to putting an age limit on those eligible to participate in and enjoy the Easter egg hunt: stupid beyond words, but the keeper says that’s where we are these days as the “big lie” writhes in the political dust like a dying cobra.



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